Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

  • Receive a tax letter from IRS or state
  • Tax Lien?
  • Wage Garnishment?
  • Under examination or audit by IRS or state?
  • Deductions disallowed on your tax return?

How would you like to not have to speak to the IRS? We can help you!

How would you like to sleep at night knowing your assets and income is safe? We can help you!

Don't stress over IRS letters and notices, we are experts at resolving them

This is what we negotiate for our clients so they can stop worrying:

  • Offers in Compromise
  • Installment Plans and Partial Pay Installment Plans
  • Currently Not Collectible Status
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Lien releases

Examples of Results we have obtained:

  • Reduced IRS liability for a client by $100,000.
  • Obtained Currently not Collectible status for another client that owed over $80,000.
  • Abatement of over $7,000 in penalties for a client

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